Director’s Profile

Kaname Hisatsugu, Director/ Chief Executive Officer

・ Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University (99-00)
・ BE Economics, Sophia University (86-90)

Started his career from global steel maker, next moved to one of the largest Japanese OA makers, to Australian office service vendor, American consulting firm, American Hardware vendor, and Taiwanese IT service vender etc, Kaname gained a wealth of experience in IT and consulting arenas for Japan and Asia Pacific business. Kaname held many senior positions in sales/marketing and business operation, corporate management for both Japan and global especially Asia Pacific region. In 2008, Kaname established PrintSolvAsia Co., Ltd.

Kaname spent over 20 years for global business, particularly focusing on Japan and Asia Pacific , out of which, he was stationed in Singapore and Sydney through which he had a strong belief of Asia’s tremendous growth potential and business opportunity feeling hot ‘temperature’ and ‘enthusiasm’ of Asian countries and people.

Kaname currently runs PrintSolvAsia as taking advantage of the deep experience, combined with strategic insights and resource management skills applicable for in-house and external from alliance partners, so as to professionally cater to the marketplace the best value in the area of marketing consultation and IT services integration in a true sense. Kaname is delighted to best assist clients’ cross-border market entry from Japan to Asia and vice-versa, with better efficiency and quality, no matter what growth stage they are on.

At his personal end, Kaname loves ‘football’, having real player history record in Japan, Singapore and Australia. One good episode is he always brought his pair of boots wherever lived/ visited, and knock on the door and get permission to join a team training before making registration in respective country. Kaname believes there is common practice between ‘business’ and ‘football’ in the sense of connecting people, sharing sense of value, building trust and relationship, that gives Kaname a key strength and entrepreneur mind to challenge to start new ventures and make it success at any place on earth.