Who We Are

” The Asialization”

It’s been a while since IT has been bringing continuous innovation to the world, and penetrating to our day-to-day life and even relationship among ‘individual and business’, ‘business and society’, ‘society and individual’ etc and influencing those. Moreover, while evolution of IT tech is being advanced, and more variation and usability of applications got emerged, the world makes changes from conventional ‘nations’ to brand-new cross-boundary ‘unions’ and ‘economic groups’ as IT connecting human, societies and nations with common sense which has been accelerated day by day.

As the uncertainties stand, it’s not easy to wrestle with things under the environment anymore. However, one of the most predictable emergences that will bring tremendous impact to the world can be said – ‘Boiling of Asia’. In the next 5years, for instance, Asia, to become huge economic area, will account for 60% of about 7.2 billion of world population*, and show strong GDP growth from 2015 to 2020 that exceeding 7%, and dominate 40% of global economy*. No exaggeration to comment that one of the top agendas for almost all enterprises’ executives is how to not to miss those opportunities and keep abreast of the certainly prominent wave, as its results are going to swing the companies’ future and their where to go.

We at PrintSolvAsia see Asia as one unified economic areas whilst positioning IT to be a core element from a market and resource perspective at the early stage, and spending lots of time and putting incomparable amounts of effort to cultivate market and develop engineering functionality. Our motto, all the time, has been deeply collaborating in Asia (= Asialization). We are equipped with in-depth knowledge, experience and human network gained through those business operations. On one hand offering optimized IT service that suits for each environment and requirement varies from customer to customer, on the other hand we are a marketing consulting caliber that support customers’ sustainable growth in Asia on a hands-on basis.

Supporting Japanese enterprises to entre to the Asian market and foreign enterprises to successfully open business in the Japan market, and providing system development and BPO based in offshore centres in Asia, offering IT service as leveraging Asian engineers, helping human resource development so that our customers’ employees can maneuver in Asia, as well as bringing new techs and brands from outside Asia as designing go-to-market and driving its implementation faster than competitors. We are able to fully integrate IT service resources and achieving acting roles for the sake of our customers’ success in respective ‘Asialization’ – It is our aimed value and true contentment.

* 出所:総務省統計局・政策統括官・統計研修所
**出所:IMF World Economic Outlook 2015年10月版